Heroes Wanted HUD


1. Stamina: Use this for playing a bounty or do a story quest.

2. Gold(Currency)

3. Gems(Currency)

4. Hearts((Currency))

5. Daily Rewards Calendar: Shows the Daily Rewards and where you are at. Already received rewards has a big red "Get" stamp

6. Inbox: where all rewards from Daily Rewards, Knight Captain Armis Rewards, Captains Gift, whatever friends sends you, Leveling Up Rewards, & Events

7. Settings: mess around the settings for the game

8. Chat: this is where you can chat with other players in the game

9. Quest: Shows quests which changes every time when you re enter the game

10. Captains Gift: Come back here every 8hrs and you can get random rewards (same items every time)

11. Knight Captain Armis Rewards


  • Squad: It is your rank in the game
  • Achievements
  • Notices: This is in area where you go to get notified of what a new update did to the game, new events, or see if there is a maintenance planned
  • Events
  • Manage: This is where you can manage your team. Upgrade a mercenary or add a rune to one, or choose which mercenaries will be in the battle team
  • Guide: This is where all the info for all the mercenaries will go
  • Friends: Where all the friends that you got is listed, send hearts or gems to them, or send friend requests
  • Shop: buy items like stamina, shards, boosters, etc at
  • Recruit: This is where you can recruit new mercenaries
  • Bounty Shop: Buy Bounties to get items, XP, and Gold
  • Story: This is where the quests to continue the story is at
  • Monthly Shop: Real money items are here and they stay there till the month is over and a new deal will take its place
  • PvP League: Shows the top dog in each league
  • Barrier Tower: Not sure what it is atm
  • PvP: Fight other people (which i presume will be different leagues) and you can win prestige points
  • Emperor's Request: Gives you quests and would automatically pop up when you first start up the game
  • locked Tent: Not sure what it is (maybe a training ground idk)