Update 1.1

  • Story Mode
    • Auto Consecutive Adventure mode has been added

  • Contents
    • Ancient Bounties have been added(Though more difficult, they provide better rewards as well as new rewards)
    • A new PvP league has been added(The new Challenger League only for Lion Squad or below has been added)
    • Get Bounty now generates Bounties with a grade lower than that of your squad

  • New Characters
    • Ulriah(This ranged attacker dual wields guns, hitting enemies multiple times)
    • Sha Wujing(This Melee attacker specializes in Area-of-Effect attacks)
    • Tripitaka(This Supporter character uses a variety of buffs and debuffs)

  • UI Improvement
    • You can now see a brief overview of Runes in the Character Information window
    • Some button UI have been unified
    • Last Week's PvP Results window now displays country information more clearly
    • You can now see detailed functions of Booster and Buff through icons displayed in the lobby
    • Some errors in the Help Section have been fixed

  • Bug Fixes
    • The Lobby screen now refreshes properly after you visit a friend
    • Graphical effects when skills are dragged for use are now displayed properly
    • An issue of in-game progress bar being changed arbitrarily has been fixed
    • The sort order and filter for Bounties have been improved so that they are not reset even after you play the game
    • The issue of Play Speed not being applied properly when used a squad skill has been fixed
    • The issue of displaying incorrect button after sending a gift to a friend has been fixed
    • Passive values are now shown in the Character Info pop-up window
    • The issue of not being able to use Normal Attack in Silence has been fixed
    • The issue of Play Speed not changing back to normal when you drag a skill while your allies are annihilated has been fixed

  • Other
    • The number of accounts that you can create per day are limited

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